Chip resetter for reset 7-pin Epson ink cartridges

Chip resetter for reset 7-pin Epson ink cartridges

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-This Chip Resetter can not Reset Epson Original (Genuine) ink cartridge.

-The compatible ink cartridges can be used again after reset with our chip resetter.

-The Chip Resetter come without Batteries. Please use a printer USB cable to connect the resetter with a computer for the power supply. 

Cartridges that the Chip Resetter works with:
  • T007 /T008 /T009 /T015 /T016 /T017 /T018 /T026 /T027 /T028 /T029

  • T0321 /T0322 /T0323 /T0324 /T042 /T0422 /T0423 /T0424

  • T0331 /T0332 /T0333 /T0334 /T0335 /T0336

  • T0341 /T0342 / T0343 /T0344 /T0345 /T0346 /T0347 /T0348

  • T036 /T037 /T038 /T039 /T040 /T041

  • T0431 /T0441 /T0442 /T0443 /T0444

  • T0451 /T0452 /T0453 /T0454 /T0461 /T0472 /T0473 /T0474

  • T0481 /T0482 /T0483 /T0484 /T0485 /T0486

  • T0491 /T0492 /T0493 /T0494 /T0495 /T0496

  • T0540 /T0541 /T0542 /T0543 /T0544 /T0547 /T0548 /T0549

  • T0551 /T0552 /T0553 /T0554 /T0561 /T0562 /T0563 /T0564

  • T0591 /T0592 /T0593 /T0594 /T0595 /T0596 /T0597 /T0598 /T0599

  • T0601 /T0602 /T0603 /T0604 /T0611 /T0612 /T0613 /T0614

  • T0621 /T0631 /T0632 /T0633 /T0634

  • T066 /T067

  • T007201 /T008201 /T009201 /T015201 /T016201 /T017201 /T018201

  • T026201 /T027201 /T028201 /T029201 /T032120 /T032220 /T032320

  • T032420 /T033120 /T033220 /T033320 /T033420 /T033520 /T033620

  • T034120 /T034220 /T034320 /T034420 /T034520 /T034620 /T034720

  • T034820 /T036120 /T037020 /T038120 /T038125 /T039020 /T039025

  • T039125 /T040120 /T041020 /T042220 /T042320 /T042420 /T043120

  • T044120 /T044220 /T044320 /T044420 /T045120 /T045220 /T045320

  • T045420 /T046120 /T047220 /T047320 /T047420 /T048120 /T048220

  • T048320 /T048420 /T048520 /T048620 /T049150 /T049250 /T049350

  • T049450 /T049550 /T049650 /T054020 /T054120 /T054220 /T054320

  • T054420 /T054720 /T054820 /T054920 /T055140 /T055240 /T055340

  • T055440 /T056140 /T056240 /T056340 /T056440 /T059120 /T059220

  • T059320 /T059420 /T059520 /T059620 /T059720 /T059820 /T059920

  • T060120 /T060220 /T060320 /T060420 /T061140 /T061240 /T061340

  • T061440 /T062120 /T063120 /T063220 /T063320 /T063420 /T066 /T067

The chip resetter works with on the following printers :

  • Epson Stylus Color C20 /C40 /480 /580 /680 /777 /777i /825

  • Epson Stylus Color 870 /880 /1000ics /Epson 1000 ICS

  • Epson Stylus Photo 780 /785EPX /790 /810 /820 /825 /830 /830U

  • Epson Stylus Photo 870 /870LE /875 /875DC /875DCS /890 /895

  • Epson Stylus Photo 900 /915 /925 /935 /950 /960 /1270 /1275 /1280

  • Epson Stylus Photo 1290 /1295 /2000 /2000P /2100 /2200 /R200

  • Epson Stylus Photo R210 /R300 /R300M /R310 /R340 /R360 /R510

  • Epson Stylus Photo R610 /R630 /R800 /R1800 /R2400 /RX420 /RX425

  • Epson Stylus Photo RX430 /RX500 /RX510 /RX600 /RX610 /RX620 /RX630

  • Epson Stylus C40 /C41 /C41SX /C41UX /C42 /C42+ /C42 Plus/ C42S/ C42SX

  • Epson Stylus C42UX / C43 /C43SX /C43UX /C44 /C44+ / C44S/ C44SX

  • Epson Stylus C44UX /C44 Plus /C45 /C45SX /C45UX /C48 /C50 /C60 /C61

  • Epson Stylus C62 /C63 /C64 /C66 /C67 /C70 /C70+ /C70 Plus /C80 /C80N

  • Epson Stylus C80WN /C82 /C82N /C82WN /C83 /C84 /C84N /C84WN

  • Epson Stylus C84 /Photo Edition /C86 /C87 /C87PE /C88 /CX3200 /CX3600

  • Epson Stylus CX3650 /CX3700 /CX3800 /CX3810 /CX3810C /CX4100

  • Epson Stylus CX4200 /CX4600 /CX4700 /CX4800 /CX5200 /CX5400 /CX5800

  • Epson Stylus CX5800F /CX6300 /CX6400 /CX6600 /CX7800

  • Epson Stylus D68 /D88 /DX3800 /DX3850 /DX4200 /DX4800 /DX4850

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